Friday, September 07, 2007

Firefly fans this is for you: Complete Season 1 DVD set for $20 @ Amazon

This offer is only good today, Friday September 7 as it is their deal of the day. You can get free shipping if your total order is $25 or more. If you don't need anything expensive, you can easily find filler material to get you over the $25 hump. And if you jump to the Amazon website you can listen to an exclusive interview with show runner Joss Whedon talking about the future, yes future, along with Serenity (the movie) and Firefly (the TV series). The dvd set consists of 4 dvds with a total run time of just over 11 hours. Check the many user reviews at Amazon if you are not familiar with the show or want 2nd opinions (this obviously not for the fans of the show, but those who might be on the fence or just now starting to get to know the Whedon universe.

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